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Designed by Cameron Foggo

A simple, solid wood plinth combines perfectly with thin metal legs to form an elegant platform for the soft rounded forms of the upholstered sections.

A simple but confident example of commercial/domestic crossover style, smart and comfortable without being overly plush.



[DEPARTMENT 200 - SOLID OAK] Giá từ 46.900.000 VND
Dài 200x Rộng 94 x Cao 73 x Độ cao nơi ngồi 42cm
[DEPARTMENT 200 - WALNUT] Giá từ 46.900.000 VND
Dài 200x Rộng 94 x Cao 73 x Độ cao nơi ngồi 42cm
[DEPARTMENT 230 - SOLID OAK] Giá từ 49.900.000 VND
Dài 230 x Rộng 94 x Cao 73 x Độ cao nơi ngồi 42cm|
[DEPARTMENT 230 - WALNUT] Giá từ 49.900.000 VND
Dài 200x Rộng 94 x Cao 73 x Độ cao nơi ngồi 42cm

[DEPARTMENT 185 - 1 TAY - L/R - OAK/WALNUT] Giá từ 40.900.000 VND
W.185 x D.94 x H.72 x SH.42cm
[DEPARTMENT 175 - CHAISE - L/R - OAK/WALNUT] Giá từ 38.900.000 VND
W.95 x D.175 x H.72 x SH.42cm
[DEPARTMENT 215 - CHAISE - L/R - OAK/WALNUT] Giá từ 46.900.000 VND
W.95 x D.215 x H.72 x SH.42cm

Solid Oak or Solid Walnut


Natadora is a collection of distinctive, well-crafted furniture that is built to last. The style combines elements of Scandinavian and Mid-century Modern together with diverse contemporary influences from around the globe. Timeless, unpretentious pieces with a refined elegance and enduring quality for a discerning global audience.

Owned and operated by a Danish family, our work is guided by a passion for thoughtful design, quality materials and flawless execution. We blend the best elements of meticulous craftsmanship with efficient production, bridging the gap between craft and industry.


Cameron Foggo's designs have a pared-back quality reminiscent of mid-century design. Although masculine in appearance, the pieces have soft edges evoking calm beauty and subtle luxury.

"Elegant, sophisticated and timeless are the words I hope most embody my work, "says Cameron. “I enjoy designing pieces that are relevant now, and will be well into the future."

Cameron’s designs are characterized by skeletal frames and earthly natural materials. The use of American oak, walnut, black steel and sumptuous leathers, provide serenely beautiful pieces.

Each design is a statement in functional simplicity.
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