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A clean, minimal, contemporary form makes Baker sofa easy to match with any aesthetic. Generous use of feather filling and perfectly-tuned spring support add comfort and longevity.

BAKER Line is made from a solid pine frame, steel nozag springs, injected with high density foam and feather & ball-fiber filling.

Designed from the Sketch-interior, The Baker 2 & 3 seater Sofas bring the much loved shape & comfort of the baker modular series to the more orthodox formats.

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Range 1 - Avoca / Velutto
Range 2 - Diego / Pallone / Summer / York / West Lake / Panama / Alba / Monk / Berlin
Range 3 - Alice / Fuge / Loom / Salut / Sylvia / Asa / Bigello / Nomad / Y ves
Leather Range 1 - Montana
Leather Range 2 - Heritage



[BAKER 200] From 27.900.000 VND
W.200 x D.100 x H.73 x SH.40cm
[BAKER 220] From 29.900.000 VND
W.220 x D.100 x H.73 x SH.40cm
[BAKER 240] From 32.900.000 VND
W.240 x D.100 x H.73 x SH.40cm

[BAKER - NO ARM] From 14.900.000 VND
W.90 x D.101 x H.73 x SH.40cm
[BAKER 2 SEATER - NO ARM] From 17.900.000 VND
W.128 x D.101 x H.73 x SH.40cm
[BAKER - 1 ARM - L/R] From 18.900.000 VND
W.110 x D.101 x H.73 x SH.40cm
[BAKER 120 - 1 ARM - L/R] From 19.200.000 VND
W.120 x D.101 x H.73 x SH.40cm
[BAKER WIDE - 1 ARM - L/R] From 21.900.000 VND
W.148 x D.101 x H.73 x SH.40cm
[BAKER MEGA ARM - L/R] From 22.900.000 VND
W.138 x D.132 x H.73 x SH.40cm
[BAKER OPEN END - L/R] From 16.900.000 VND
W.128 x D.101 x H.73 x SH.40cm
[BAKER CORNER - EXTENDED - L/R] From 22.900.000 VND
W.148 x D.101 x H.73 x SH.40cm
[BAKER CORNER] From 28.900.000 VND
W.101 x D.101 x H.73 x SH.40cm
[BAKER WEDGE] From 15.900.000 VND
W.52-128 x D.93 x H.73 x SH.40cm
W.90 x D.101 x H.40 cm


Sketch is a Danish-owned furniture brand which designs and produces original and iconic products for homes and interior spaces around the world since 2014.

Sketch collaborates with some of the most relevant designers of today. Together we explore new behaviors and patterns of urban lifestyles, to find solutions for simple and stylish living.

Casanhà là đối tác chính thức duy nhất của Sketch-Interior tại thị trường Việt Nam!
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