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With the design purpose inspired by the comfortable and relaxing feeling of the weekends, when you have time to slow down and breathe deeply and more gently, the Weekend line will be a gentle yet calm note, essential to make the living space more comfortable, true comfort for your sanctuary.

Therefore, the Weekend line was designed to maximize seating area by narrowing the armrests on both sides. At the same time, the area of the back of the chair is pushed out, making the sitting space deeper and more comfortable for those of you who are a little taller.

Specifically, the upholstery fabric is chosen to be more durable but still retains its sophistication, delicate beauty. Contrasting with the gentle look of the upholstery is the leather seam, helping the Weekend line to stand out regarding all the simplicity mentioned.


[WEEKEND 190] From 26.900.000VND
Length 190cm x Depth 92cm x Height 81cm - Seat height 42cm
[WEEKEND 220] From 27.900.000VND
Length 220cm x Depth 92cm x Height 81cm - Seat height 42cm
[WEEKEND 270] From 31.900.000VND
Length 270cm x Depth 92cm x Height 81cm - Seat height 42cm

Solid New Zealand pine with plywood
Legs in solid oak
Nozag Steel Springs
Genuine leather seaming

High density polyurethane foam
Feather and Ball-fiber filling


Sketch is a Danish-owned furniture brand which designs and produces original and iconic products for homes and interior spaces around the world since 2014.

Sketch collaborates with some of the most relevant designers of today. Together we explore new behaviors and patterns of urban lifestyles, to find solutions for simple and stylish living.

Casanhà is the only official partner of Sketch-Interior in Vietnam.
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