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Regulations of Installment Payment

Installment transactions are only applicable to international credit card holders (Visa/ MasterCard/ JCB) issued by banks that support Installment payments with CASANHA within the scope of cooperation in purchasing goods/services.

Not applicable for Supplementary Card, Business Card.

Card payment value from: 10,000,000 VND (Ten million dong) or more after deduction of discounts (if any). Transactions cannot have any product applied discount more than 15%.

Installment tenure: 3 months installments, 6 months installments, 12 months installments.

At the time the installment transaction is made, the Cardholder will have to fill in the service registration form and sign for confirmation at CASANHA's business location. This form is used to confirm the installment transaction has been approved by the Cardholder & complete the valid procedures at CASANHA in accordance with the regulations of the card issuer bank.

The total amount of installment registration is divided equally by the number of months according to the installment term that the Cardholder has registered into fixed monthly payments.

The Cardholder may not cancel the Installment transaction after the transaction has been successfully converted to an Installment transaction by the Bank.

Cardholders are not allowed to change the registered Installment tenure.

Please contact us via info@casanha.com or +84 28 22 128 233 for more details.

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