Home of Design

We are trendy but we aren’t mainstream. 
We’re inspired without being biased or influenced by the local market.
We’re creating the trend

To us, design isn’t only about the visual, but also about being smart, about the utility of the items as well.

Quality isn’t only about the materials, it isn't only about the design, but about the result of both combined. The effort to improve, to refine , lies in small details that lead to the best outcome you could have - the comfortability. “You can copy the design but you can’t copy the comfort”.

Style and preposition of the items. We are set to be distinguished and we aren’t afraid of being different.
We are set for uniqueness and eclecticism.

The absence of uniformity. Change is constant and we strive to adapt and evolve by offering a wide range of trendy home goods that offer emotions, concepts, and needs.

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