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Thiết kế bởi Cameron Foggo

The mid-century inspired Pensive sofa offers both restraint and generosity. Ultra-thin arms bookend soft seat and back cushions, and the upholstered parts are underlined gracefully by a handsome wood base. Cylindrical legs intersect the plinthlike base to enhance visual interest — a rare detail that demands excellent craftsmanship.

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Range 1 - Avoca / Velutto
Range 2 - Diego / Pallone / Summer / York / West Lake / Panama / Alba / Monk / Berlin
Range 3 - Alice / Fuge / Loom / Salut / Sylvia / Asa / Bigello / Nomad / Y ves
Leather Range 1 - Montana
Leather Range 2 - Heritage


Dài 85 x Rộng 88 x Cao 78 x Chiều cao chỗ ngồi 40 cm.
[PENSIVE 180] Giá từ 32.900.000 VND
Dài 180 x Rộng 88 x Cao 78 x Chiều cao chỗ ngồi 40 cm.
[PENSIVE 200] From 34.900.000 VND
Dài 200 x Rộng 88 x Cao 78 x Chiều cao chỗ ngồi 40 cm.
[PENSIVE 220] From 37.900.000 VND
Dài 220 x Rộng 88 x Cao 78 x Chiều cao chỗ ngồi 40 cm.
[PENSIVE 240] From 39.900.000 VND
Dài 240 x Rộng 88 x Cao 78 x Chiều cao chỗ ngồi 40 cm.
[PENSIVE DAYBED] From 20.900.000VND
Dài 180 x Rộng 75 x Cao 33cm.
[PENSIVE 178 - 1 ARM] From 34.900.000VND
Dài 178 x Rộng 88 x Cao 78 x Chiều cao chỗ ngồi 40 cm.
[PENSIVE CHAISE] From 31.900.000VND
Dài 93 x Rộng 173 x Cao 78 x Chiều cao chỗ ngồi 40 cm.

Frame structure material
Solid Oak or Walnut


We make furniture for modern homes. Tolv means “12” in Danish, describing a framework for living that’s centred around your day. Our thoughtful and considered pieces work for you around the clock.

Tolv upholds the Scandinavian ideals of well-made, well-designed furniture, yet has an appreciation of diverse cultures and an international outlook.

For our global customer, we call on designers from across the world to create original furniture, based on their expert sensibilities. Like them, we are obsessive about the finer details, and the collection is made in our own factory where we can keep a keen eye on cost and quality.

We believe good value is about staying useful over time. With our collection, your investment in good furniture will go far. We take a world-view on environmental issues and believe in sourcing and treating the raw materials we use with respect and care. Tolv is committed to producing responsibly and fairly, for everything we make and everyone that works for us.


Cameron Foggo's designs have a pared-back quality reminiscent of mid-century design. Although masculine in appearance, the pieces have soft edges evoking calm beauty and subtle luxury.

"Elegant, sophisticated and timeless are the words I hope most embody my work, "says Cameron. “I enjoy designing pieces that are relevant now, and will be well into the future."

Cameron’s designs are characterized by skeletal frames and earthly natural materials. The use of American oak, walnut, black steel and sumptuous leathers, provide serenely beautiful pieces.

Each design is a statement in functional simplicity.
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