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Casanha is a Saigon-based company that works tirelessly with partners all over the world to fulfill the need to have fine and well-functioned home goods with the latest in trend, combined with a traditional sense of fine woods and fine craftsmanship.

We believe that our products have an inherent individuality, with the appreciation of quality and the lack of price constraints, revealing how they have been made, setting them apart from the current market.


In the 1940s, a French carpenter - Emile, his dream was to expand his family small furniture workshop into something bigger that suited the potential of his talent, Emile and his son Andre, grew the family business into a more industrial affair.

Not until Andre’s sons, Erik and Frank, followed their father’s footsteps to expand their family business even further beyond the borders. In 2004, Erik and Frank followed their family dream to open a factory in Bình Dương province, called Gomo.

Our story begins 10 years ago when Frank and Erik wanted to open a showroom as an extension of their factory, that was when Gomo shop, our precursor, first established.


Fast forward four years later, in 2016, Erik’s son, Jordan, joined the family business. With a different vision, Jordan converted Gomo Shop, an extension of his father's factory, into Casanhà Store, a place that brings world wide home goods to the local market. With a year of preparation, Jordan opened Casanhà on November 17, 2017 in the heart of Thảo Điền.

Spending the last eight years running the business meanwhile gaining priceless experience, Jordan had turned Casanhà to what we see today, a beautiful and unique business, an industry leader.


Our shop on Xa lộ Hà Nội was established in 2017, in the heart of what has become a destination for avid shoppers in search of what beyond the basic functions of home goods.

Everyday we open alongside the historic Sài Gòn River, snuggly in Thảo Điền community, our customers come in search of a navy blue building, to find unique products that tell a story and out of the ordinary.

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