2020 Interior Design Trends

• Monochromatic trend

• Grand Millennial trend

• Japandi trend

Just like fashion, interior design is ever-evolving with time. As every season and year goes by, we continue to pick up inspirations from remarkable living spaces that meet strict interior design codes. The Casa Nhà editorial team would love to walk you through three major design trends that are gaining traction right now in 2020. Take inspiration from these codes and make it your own. It’s your home, your style.

Monochromatic trend

Monochromatic continues to be a winning trend in 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down despite having been the top player in the design game for years. The trend is hugely popular for its capability to easily transition from season to season.


Will a bed draped in deep blue go well with an olive green sofa? Will a chestnut buffet and a floral printed carpet be a match made in harmony? With the Monochromatic trend, you don’t have to invest too much time or brain power on these decisions. All you have to do is focus on a distinct colour scheme and arrange its varying shades to easily create an overall aesthetic that is unified, harmonious, and makes a visual impact.

A pastel Monochromatic theme is easy to incorporate into the home and brings warmth and lightness while adding a touch of modernity.

The Palarma Dining Table is the perfect partner to a neutral coloured kitchen thanks to its natural wood colouring, giving the space an organic, airy feel and is particularly strong in areas with lots of natural light. And thanks to its compact size, the Palarma Dining Table is perfect for small to medium apartments.

The Palarma Dining Table

Sharing the same wooden tones as the Palarma dining table, the Zoula Buffet, with its distinct square edges and long slender legs, adds impressive height and shape to your kitchen or dining space, adding visual interest and tonal balance. A gorgeous natural beige from top to toe, the Zoula Buffet is a modern Scandinavian revision of a 60s - 70s classic.

The Zoula Buffet successfully combines classic with modern Scandinavian design

The neutral wood colourway outlined above is a very basic and classic form of monochrome. The real beauty of the Monochromatic trend is that it can be taken in any direction. Especially evident during the second half of 2019 and first half of 2020, the Monochromatic trend has evolved beyond the realm of “safe” tones and allows for more freedom to be creative. Try bolder colours to tonally experiment with, like mustard yellow or dark royal blue.

Grand Millennial trend

The Grand Millennial living room boasts timeless, retro classics

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, live and breathe the digital world. They are responsible for the social media movement, are tech savvy, and always looking to the future. It can be quite a surprise for many, that the Grand Millennial trend which has found huge popularity amongst this generation, actually takes inspiration from way, WAY back into the past.

The trend takes stylistic influences from the 1920s through 1930s and presents these iconic design codes in a completely new modern light. It does not go to the extreme of injecting vintageness into every nook and cranny, but manages to put its own fresh spin on the era through the use of subtle antique details such as lace/crochet textiles, natural linens, and “granny” patterns. For homeowners seeking some personal quirkiness, this style breathes a warm and comforting soul into the ardent, fast-moving modern age of today. Old-style interior items and classic icons are revived with refreshed vitality for a brand new era.

The Sloopy Sofa is the perfect plush base to layer accents of Grand Millennium Chic

When choosing the perfect sofa, move away from minimal white or beige and opt for a slightly bolder yet still relatively safe option. A neutral tone such as sky blue or light gray is a great starting point. With the addition of a lace or crochet knitted throw, your living room will instantly have an air of Grand Millennial Chic.

The Aladin Candle Holder adds a small but bold stroke of antiquity that is functional and full of Grand Millennial charm

If you’re already happy with your current sofa, no biggie, there are plenty of other ways to insert the Grand Millennial spirit into your living room. Some quick alternative options include the addition of antique objects, vintage inspired cushions, and framed family photos.

The Indigo Square Cushion with its woven print and tassels, borrows inspiration from the 1920s and 1930s

In case you’re still a little unsure as to whether this unique design trend will fit into your existing living space, pop into the Casa Nhà warehouse where the dedicated team are more than happy to offer some tips.

Japandi trend

The striking beauty of Japandi

“Japandi” is expected to take over in 2020. This hybrid aesthetic combines the modern-rustic vibe of Scandinavian design with the traditional elegance and purity that is associated with Japanese style. By blending the two, Japandi not only brings harmony to the living space, but also adds hints of personal eccentricity.

Japan and Scandinavia have a lot in common when it comes to home design. Each nation's aesthetics focus on simplicity, functionality, muted colours, and minimal, yet well-curated furnishings. It also favours the use of natural, organic, rustic materials such as woods, fabrics, ceramics, and rattan. The materials are preferred to be minimally processed in order to reserve the natural beauty and originality of the materials, bringing a pure, untamed, natural integrity to the home or office.

The Zoula Dining Table illuminates the Japandi dining room with its raw wood colour. The clean lines and soft edges of the body and legs balance out the stark surroundings

Where the Nordic palette is known for its warmth and coziness, Japandi goes a bit bolder with sleek black details and the darkest of glazes. Natural light woods are mixed with black metal in a 70-30 ratio to create a balanced, clean, and neat visual effect. When practicing Japandi, think about combining Scandinavian modern-rustic beauty with the polished timeless elegance of Japanese minimalism. Find items made from raw materials carefully treated and crafted by the most skilled Scandinavian hands to furnish your Japandi living space.

The Vega Dining Table is the epitome of Japandi. Its surface is made from natural oak wood undergoing minimal treatment to preserve the original shade. The black painted legs give an edgy, yet polished, sophisticated look to the dining room

The two style’s aesthetics focus on nature and the mindset of having the space to breathe and keep a clear mind. When designing a Japandi living space, natural elements and minimal details are some of the top criteria. Instead of filling up every corner, Japandi intentionally leaves many negative spaces and embraces the tranquil emptiness of life. Plants are among the most popular ways to express naturalism within Japandi. Plants don’t have to be luscious and green. A few bonsais methodically scattered around the house easily express both Japanese elegance and a Scandinvian nature-centered philosophy.

The Bonzai adds greenness and expands the sense of space for the living room

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Best Gift Ideas in Ho Chi Minh City

• Casa Nhà

• Jardin Des Sens

• Moriitalia

If you’re thinking about picking the best gift for that special someone, check out our list below of best gift ideas in Ho Chi Minh City. From scented candles, to relaxing armchairs, or how about an intimate dinner at a chic restaurant? We hope this list will help make your gifting experience more meaningful by focusing not only on aesthetics and wow factor but also functionality and meaning.

Casa Nhà


What could be worse than when a friend’s housewarming is nearing and you’re still clueless about what to gift? Avoid running around the city, panic searching for ceramic sets and scented candles. Casa Nhà is where to go for the best home gifting solutions, a one-stop furniture store within a complete range of gift items.

Casa Nhà was founded in 2017 with their gorgeous warehouse store opening in Thao Dien. The three-storey building immediately impressed with its innovative European design and the capacity to host a large variety of furniture choices and decor for literally all spaces in the house. Casa Nhà is one of the best stops for buying gifts for the home.


Walking around the Casa Nhà warehouse, you’ll instantly fall in love with their modern-looking mini poufs in different styles and shapes that can be perfectly paired with any armchair/lounge or stand decoratively on its own as a true icon of design. Poufs are the perfect solution for when you need extra comfy seating when enjoying a good chat with family and friends. They’re also perfect for when you’re snuggling in with your other half.

Saga Poufs, whose sweet, minimal design resembles colourful macarons fit seamlessly into any tasteful interior. The inspiration of a macaron is put together by two soft contoured shells sandwiching the contrasting Scandinavian wooden strip along the pouf’s centre.

Saga Pouf – a trace of sweetness for the beautiful living room

The living room is usually the first place we set foot within the home. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase decor that strongly reflects the homeowner’s unique personality.

While the chunky sofas are usually designed to easily blend into the overall background, armchairs stand out decoratively on their own. This item can be a powerful gift that both flaunts personal taste and comfort and luxury to the home. Its portability provides your lucky loved one with the freedom to creatively arrange and organize the piece within their home. Consider an armchair as a thoughtful and unique housewarming gift.

The Pod Armchair has an ergonomically designed backrest that blends seamlessly into its downward-sloping armrests to create an organic yet sturdy look. The fully padded, scallop shaped back cushion provides visual interest and overall comfort and support.

The Pod Armchair provides support, comfort and outstanding Nordic design.

Jean Paul Gaultier once said, “Perfume is the most intense form of memory”. Scents and fragrances are always a popular and thoughtful gift to receive and Casa Nhà offers an endless choice of delicious scented candles for the home.

Baobab Collection is a premium brand of handcrafted scented candles from Belgium. Proudly displayed at Casa Nhà, Baobab Collection is well known for superior fragrances and materials sourced from the most famous parts of Europe (mineral wax from Germany, crystal glass from Poland, and leather from Italy). Each candle is set in a gorgeous glass jar, completely made by hand to create a product that is completely unique and never the same as another. The packaging alone is an awe-inspiring experience for the receiver. The black box oozes luxury as the bowtie is pulled loose, and the prized candle within stimulates both sight and smell.

The Black Pearl Candle by Baobab Collection offers intoxicating scents of Ginger and Black Rose

Jardin Des Sens


After more than a decade of sustainable business since 1998, Jardin Des Sens, the first restaurant by twin brothers, Laurent and Jaques Pourcel, was awarded three Michelin stars for excellent food quality and service. Following their new found fame, Laurent and Jaques started building their food empire. In January 2018, Jardin Des Sens opened its first store in Ho Chi Minh City, operated and in parallel with other four branches in Montpellier under Jacques’ direct supervision.

Situated inside an old, luxurious villa in District 3, whose design oozes classic ‘Frenchness’, Jardin Des Sens boasts a nostalgic look of ivory lavishness. Heavenly on the outside, timeless on the inside, the inner space is decorated semi-classically by wooden objects and chandeliers, chair and table sets. However, the real superstar here is the bar where dozens of world-renowned wines are displayed and stored inside a modern cellar rarely found elsewhere in HCMC. Jardin Des Sens never fails to delight all of our senses.


But, an experience at Jardin Des Sens doesn’t just stop at wonders and aesthetics. The experience of savouring your meal is what draws people to the restaurant. The dishes are carefully prepared with the level of dedication that bears a similarity to making a work of art. Each course stirs the heart of any appreciator of French cuisine.



Our next stop to shop for the perfect gift is Moriitalia – the retail store specialising in kitchen appliances from world-renowned brands. In Ho Chi Minh City, the Moriitalia showroom can be found in VinCom Dong Khoi, full of much loved home and kitchen goods brands such as CharterHouse, CS and KitchenAid.

Shopping for highly functional and yet visually inspiring home products usually is the most challenging task for new homeowners. What about a brand new kitchen appliance for your culinary inclined parents that screams modern beauty and improves their cooking experience at home?


KitchenAid has a global reputation for being the king of kitchen supplies. Each machine is designed, manufactured and assembled in America with 80% domestically sourced materials to ensure the highest quality before distribution. KitchenAid mixers are able to meet any mixing, folding, or kneading challenges, with great stability and little noise. Powerful functionality aside, KitchenAid products are absolutely stunning with their shiny, colourful, classic art deco appeal that fits easily into any kitchen space.

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How to Inject Your Personality into Your Living Space

• Dining room furniture

• Bathroom furniture

• Bedroom furniture

• Living room furniture

Imagine walking into your brand new home, you can still smell the freshly painted walls, and the rooms are bare. You’re pretty much given a piece of blank white paper on which you have the full freedom to release the artist in you. But it can be frustrating to have your creativity limited by the same old table shapes, cabinets, tiles, and basic furnishings. So now why not try injecting your personality into your new space and turn it into a masterpiece that speaks your true identity? Below are some simple tips from Casa Nhà on how to bring your personal essence into the living space. From the living room, bedroom, and dining room.

Dining room furniture 

The soul of the entire home lies within the dining room and kitchen space. It is where the entire family gathers to bond over the dinner table after a long day of hard work. This should be the first place to take into consideration when you start the personalization process of furnishing your home your way.

The typical modern day home links the kitchen and dining room into one open, expanded area for a breathable and connected feel. For a complete and refreshing overhaul of your dining/kitchen space, perhaps consider renovating the architectural structure and layout of your kitchen through big ticket items such as wall hanging cabinets, dish storage shelves, dining room walls, cooking appliances, or the dining table.

Natural wood always displays a timeless beauty and brings warmth into any space. The material is easy to source, can be crafted into multiple categories of products, and easily pairs with other materials to help complete a well-balanced combination of textures and colours within your living space. Real wood objects are extremely durable and have a very low rate of depreciation as they usually develop a natural lustre and value over time. Moreover, since each log of wood is unique the selection of the final product is also a cue for the individual taste of the homeowner.

If you love the minimal aesthetic, our Megan dining table is the perfect choice for your dining room. Made completely from natural oak wood and crafted from the minimal spirit inspired by traditional Northern European designs, this table can be easily styled to suit any contemporary space. Its core body is purposefully designed to look like a trapezoid to sustain major pressure from above. The table top and four table legs are tactfully connected by wooden framing to create a sturdy and reliable structure bringing a sense of stability to the dining space. The natural original wood of the table is celebrated through its smooth surface and untouched colour providing an organic touch that adds a sense of clean quality and warmth.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
Megan natural wood table: the perfect piece for your minimal dining room

When it comes to sprucing up the kitchen space with a touch of your personality, consider a storage cabinet to house or proudly display your gorgeous tableware.

The Vega buffet functions both as a bookshelf and a dish storage cabinet. Made from 100% oak wood the unit is a contemporary combination of natural and industrial elements. It can easily adapt within any small-to-medium dining or kitchen space, or be placed in your favourite corner of any room providing both minimalism and functionality. The striking sliding doors are made from white oak and add a dash of elegance.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Vega buffet adds a dash of elegance into your dining room furniture

Remember to never leave your walls unadorned. Walls are the perfect canvas to express your personality. Decorative wall hangings or paintings instantly add flair to the personalised aesthetic of your home.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Nacre wall hanging with its concentric circles takes the shape of lotus leaves and adds a touch of exotic Orientalist aesthetics to the walls of your dining room

Bathroom furniture

The bathroom is our calm haven, a place of relaxation and rejuvenation where we can feel most comfortable to be ourselves. Therefore, it is a must to have your bathroom reflect your personality when designing its interior space.

The easiest way to inject the bathroom with your own personal style is through decorative items like curtains (if there are windows), towels, and multifunctional goods that can all be found at Casa Nhà.

You don’t have to stash away your laundry and linens in generic, characterless plastic buckets, why not try and give storage a simple, soulful spin with these fun and textural seagrass baskets.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Pompom basket with its contrasting colours and tiny pom poms keeps clutter stylishly out of sight while also adding texture and a decorative touch to your space

More than just vibrantly designed and functional colourful catchalls like buffets and baskets, you can up the style factor with scents. At Casa Nhà, it is not hard to pick a fragrance that speaks your personality with an array of handcrafted diffusers and candles from Baobab Collection.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Zanzibar Spices scent is a blend of delectable spices, like cinnamon of curcuma, an immediate voyage from the bathroom to the other side of the world

This famous Belgium brand is valued for their craftsmanship and the highest quality materials that are carefully selected and sourced from across Europe. The range of intoxicating scents invite you to discover various destinations, from the African greenfields kissed by the sun and overlooked by the baobab trees, to the mysterious lands of the Orient, the icy coldness of Russia, and the pyramids of Egypt. Baobab Collection releases two limited edition collections every year to preserve a sense of wonder and surprise. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for even the strictest homeowner, a gorgeous logo-printed black ribbon is added to every candle before it is wrapped in an elegant black box.

Bedroom furniture

The bedroom is our ultimate safe haven. Our day begins and ends in the bedroom, and we spend a significant portion of our lives in deep slumber. Personalize your bedroom into a relaxing, soothing sanctuary by placing your own creative stamp to match your personality. Every element within the bedroom has the potential to speak your personal style: from the bed, quilts and coverlets, to window curtains, nightstands, rugs and decorative picture frames.

Crafted from natural wood that beautifully shows off a rustic, untamed beauty, our Berkshire Bed can easily adapt to minimalism or other quirky tastes with two versatile colourways: black and natural wood. The headboard is made up from bars twisted to resemble a bow shape, and the entire structure is artfully finished for a touch of the unexpected in your bedroom. The open, evenly spaced bars of the bed head bring a unique and airy feel to the bedroom.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The natural wood colour of the Berkshire Bed stands out as an untouched beauty in the spacious bedroom

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The headboard composed of wooden bars swirling in bow-shaped movement adds an artistic flair to the bedroom

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Berkshire bed in black takes modern bedroom styling to new heights with a generous dash of unexpected glam

Lamps are an indispensable part of any bedroom. Visit Casa Nhà to explore an array of state-of-the-art designs and pick one that loudly speaks your personal style.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
Our Tant Lamp adds a stroke of modernity to your bedroom. A streamlined design with A-shaped legs that wrap around the bulb, the Tant Lamp is an icon of simplicity and style

Completely unique in its style and rich with health benefits, the Himalyan Salt Lamp lights up your bedroom with a sense of art and holistic well being. You will feel happier, healthier and find it easier to fall asleep with this lamp by your bedside.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
Himalayan Salt Lamp – a gift of art and wellbeing for the bedroom

Living room furniture

Whether you're hanging out with family or friends or enjoying a quiet evening alone, living rooms are typically the centrepiece of your home. Easily transform the living room into a mini exhibition through putting on a show of medium-sized objects and displaying lovely “curated-by-me” corners like a comfy and tidy sofa, a gorgeous coffee table, or a visually engaging lamp.

Choosing the perfect set of sofa and armchairs for the living room is a non-negotiable because of its statement style-defining role. If bright colours signify an active, fast-moving lifestyle, a sofa of sandy or beige colour is an indicator of simplicity and humility. If you breathe modernity and have an eye for the art of minimalism, the Album 225 from Casa Nhà is just what you’ve been looking for. The Album 225 comfortably accommodates up to three seatings but does not have a chunky look thanks to its four streamlined metal legs. The deep blue coated fabric makes it stain-proof whilst maintaining a classy feel. Padded with high density resilient sponge, the Album 225 checks both comfort and style off the list. A sofa that is built to last and will proudly sit as the centerpiece of any living room.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Album 225 and its modern look is a perfect fit for your living room furniture

To accompany your perfect sofa don’t forget the perfect coffee table. If you value functionality and convenience, you will be instantly impressed by the Leda coffee table. Thanks to its hidden drawers you can stash away books, board games, and cheeky snacks, or any other small and miscellaneous items. The Leda coffee table is a real gem for being 100% handcrafted, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
Leda multifunctional tea table – a trace of chic for the living room

Sofa? Check. Coffee table? Check. Just one more little tip, consider a treasured photo of your family and friends, the loved inhabitants of the house. The Adam photo frame with a storage capacity of 8 photos will be a catalyst for conversation and storytelling amongst you and your guests.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Adam photo frame tactically displays great living moments in your living room

Try to leave as little empty spaces on the walls as possible by inserting more personal taste with some vivid paintings.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Newy wall painting – a view of New York’s Empire State Building

Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for The New Year

• Identify a decorating style for your living room

• Tips on choosing the right living room furniture

• Spice up your living room with interior accessories

Out with the old, and in with the new - Freshening up the home is a great way to welcome the year ahead. However, starting a new working year is always the most hectic of times, where we have our hands full with work and a densely packed schedule. So the question is, “how can we make the most of our time and energy for the important ritual of cleaning and redecorating our home?” Casanhà – a modern-style interior design brand from Europe shares with you some simple, cost effective, and time efficient tips on choosing beautiful living room furniture to ring in the new year of good fortune and luck.


1. Identify a decorating style for your living room 

It only takes a couple of hours to think and decide on an interior design style that you wish to adopt for your living room. This is the very first and most important step as it dictates the entire range of options you may target, including colours, shapes and sizes. Based on the nature and characteristics of the design style that you yourself have personally picked in accordance with the family’s tastes and preferences, you can be extra creative with the furnishings on the existing background of the living room. For example, a line of square-shaped cushions clad in lightweight, soft fabrics will add a dash of the unexpected to the setting of your modern-day living room. Or you can also play with other decorative accessories with traditional-style patterns, such as brocades and damasks widely appreciated for their untamed, free-spirited, and lively energy. This balanced sense of high-form art will breathe an elegant yet bold sense of style into your home.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Traditional patterns from this CROISIA cushion cover will instantly bring the “Bohemian” spirit into your living room


If you are having a hard time choosing a style to commit to, you are strongly encouraged to take a look at these 5 beautiful living room interior design trends that are expected to boom in 2020: minimalism, neoclassical style, modernism-enabled smart design, Rustic design and Scandinavian design.

First and foremost, modern style that facilitates smart designs remains the leading trend because it brings optimal solutions for small and medium spaces such as up-and-coming apartment buildings in recent years. This style is a must-try for homeowners who love modernism and convenience, and who are on the lookout for beautiful living room furniture to doll up their house this new year. It favours the use of neutral palettes, with white predominantly used among other blocks of vivid colors, minimal structure and intrepid geometric shapes. It also recruits furnishings that have solid functionalities, simple lines and the latest designs to add a chic element to the living room. Consistency is at the forefront, with select pieces working in harmony with one another to create an overall tranquil mood.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Sophisticated and intimate yet far from ostentatious is what a modern style design can offer


In contrast to modernism, neoclassical style boasts a timeless beauty that is widely regarded as noble, extravagant and refined. This is a perfect choice for cityfront villa houses or large-sized building apartments. What makes this design style larger than life is its rejection of rigidly correct measurements, but instead focus on the wholeness of things, space and lighting all in one, and it usually is closely associated with a culture that strongly resonates with the homeowner.

On the other hand, minimalism, just like its name, is understated, restrained and no-frills. It spells subtlety and flexibility through the art of arranging home goods to declutter, because “less is more” – the fewer the details, the better the effect. However, minimalism refuses to be labelled as simplistically boring. It is able to employ different forms of art, with a preference for audiovisuals that pay close attention to shapes, materials and lighting in order to maximize sensory experiences. This is also a decorating style that, according to the editorial team, has a lot of potential to provide the homeowner with the most freedom to be creative with details.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Audiovisual arts and the navy-grey contrasting colour pallette makes a striking first impression


Widely popular during the 60s and recently making waves in Vietnam, Rustic style is a rising design star for its power to transform the modern-style living room into a soulful and charming combination introducing antiques and sometimes low-priced, or even discarded items. The Rustic homeowner is a true artist. The philosophy behind rustic design is relatively simple: embrace an organic aesthetic that will infuse your home with comfort and warmth through the use of natural materials such as raw wood and soft fabrics.

Last but not least, Scandinavian design shares the same northern European origins with Rustic design and is set to grow its popularity in 2020 for its tranquil, modern and intricate qualities. Where Rustic aesthetics makes use of wood materials that are relatively neutral in colour and shape, Scandinavian goes bolder with light-colored oak wood and pine wood to create a cozy, easy, and comfortable feel. This is a design choice we particularly love to recommend for those looking for beautiful living room furniture in the modern-style category.


2. Tips on choosing beautiful living room furniture

When you’re done identifying your decorative style, it’s time to come up with a shopping list for your living room furniture design game. To save time and money spent on picking beautiful living room furniture, we highly recommend dividing furnishings into recyclable and non-recyclable to know what to buy and what not to. After that, it heavily depends on your chosen decorating style to search for the right items.

One of the key characteristics of modern-day beautiful living room furniture is the principal choice of designs that have high functions and simple lines. The Contempo TV Stand gets rid of unnecessary extras and naturally draws attention with its natural oak and black steel frame - an exceptional addition to your house. The stand was designed to be highly functional, with two drawers on each side allowing spacious storage of magazines, books, board games, consoles, and more. The central double shelves is the perfect stage for eye-catching decor or can easily house your digital gadgets and TV accessories.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Simple but refined, the Contempo TV stand is the epitome of modern interior design


With neoclassical design style, you will need a slightly bigger budget as furnishings of this sort are commonly made of materials that flaunt opulence to signify the homeowner’s exquisite taste and class. This design style tends to employ pattern and shape to bring a sense of gentleness. For example: sofas, chairs, chandeliers, and large upholstered beds with soft curves that create a luxurious, fluid, and mesmerizing look.

And if you choose to take on minimalism, make sure to use only furnishings that strongly resonate with your personal traits and well represent your tastes. Each item is not limited to its functional existence, but is also strategically included to the overall look.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Colour contrast and curated paintings add more life to a minimalistic living room


For Rustic and Scandinavian design, furnishings share one key feature: all-wood materials. While Rustic usually sees wooden objects in its original colour, Scandinavian opts for slightly lighter, modern-vibes wooden shades. Think wooden TV stands or tea stands, natural wood dining tables and dish storage cabinets.

Choosing furnishings for a house has never been an easy task, but if you put in the work to carefully divide each space, and determine a design style as instructed by Casanhà, the whole process will be much more efficient for you and your family.


3. Spice up your living room with interior accessories

After choosing and arranging your furniture, the next step is to consider decorative additions. Designers from different fields believe that accessories can be small in size but absolutely powerful in helping take your home interior design to a higher level.

Along with beautiful living room furniture, interior accessories are the simplest, easiest and fastest way to add stylish flair. Think of refreshing familiar details such as sofa cushions, curtains, wall clocks, mirrors, and wall hanging photo frames. Even the smallest and simplest changes can instantly make the familiar exciting again.

Our Cray Tray will add impressive flair to any tea stand, dining table, or coffee table with its interwoven metal lines that resemble a rattan basket – a daily life object that bears a sense of folkloric nostalgia.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Cray Tray – the perfect fruit tray for this new year


To bring more energy and excitement to your modern-style living room our Solar Wall accessory, inspired by the sun’s vitality, will add dynamic detail with its quirky arrangement of shapes, intermingled with mixed materials of iron and glass.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Start the new year full of excitement with this Solar Wall hanging frame


Another simple decorative tip is to green up your house with miniature plants on the table or on your walls. New plants are believed to not only add more colour and levels of texture to the home but also brings good luck and prosperity. However, picking plants solely based on personal feng shui is not enough. Be creative with your own green corner with our square or rectangular-shaped wall hanging frames. The simple, modern-vibe frames will perfectly blend with the natural greenery and amp up the positive, optimistic and youthful energy of your living space.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Be creative with your space by adding plants and enjoy a fresh and energizing change


For fans of the contemporary art movement wall paintings are the perfect expression. If plant driven freshness and vitality is not your jam a simple contemporary painting can make a big statement and quietly welcomes guests as they slowly set foot into your tranquil, soothing living space. 


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
The DOORS PAINTING reminds us to keep a positive outlook on the future, full of unknown prospects, possibilities, and positive growth


Mirrors are a must-have decorative piece for the modern-style living room, especially smaller sized apartments. Try steering clear of traditional mirrors and give more decorative mirrors a go. Our Majdonie Hexa mirror is an artistic and sophisticated demonstration of handmade craftsmanship. The cluster of shapes is inspired by outer space planets in the midnight sky, tiny and undistinguished. The added element of reflection adds light and broadens the sense of space to any room.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Majdonie Hexa – a masterpiece inspired by the stars in the midnight sky

A fresh living space and a decorative refresh to your living room is a great way to brighten your outlook on the year ahead. Visit Casanhà and let the passionate and knowledgeable team help save you both time, effort, and money with the latest in European design and International trends.

How to Dress the Table for a Traditional Tết Celebration

• Eco decorating style

• Modern decorating style

• Cosy decorating style

• Simple decorating style

• Wonderland decorating style

A beautifully set table not only enhances any Tet get-together, but also adds to the festive spirit that marks the opening of a new year. This season, Casanhà a modern European-style interior design brand, invites you to relive the happiest moments from the past year through the rearrangement of your dining space and table setting that best fits your family’s tastes and traditional customs. Here are some simple, time and cost-efficient table setting ideas, carefully curated with our collection of dining room furniture and decors such as dining tables and dish cabinets made of natural wood.


Eco Decorative Style

If you’re looking elevate your Tet decorations to the next level, away from the usual realm of bright red colours and gold embellishments, the Eco decorative style with the focus on the use of natural, raw materials and simple, “back-to-nature” theme is highly recommended.

With its natural, minimal materials, decorating your dining room this way will bring a rustic breath of fresh air to any of your family celebrations. The key to dressing an Eco style table is using all types of natural materials and minimal colours. Natural wood is preferred over metals like iron, steel, or plastic and glass. The CADZIO dining table, made of solid oak with simple structure and size versatility (available in two sizes), lends itself to both small and larger spaces. This piece of furniture is among one of Casanhà’s bestsellers for its ability to adapt to varied spaces of contemporary design. Its clean cut design and smooth surface truly brings out the beautiful colour of the natural wood, finding the perfect balance between untamed originality and subtle elegance. 


The Cadzio solid oak dining table will bring a touch of untamed originality to your modern dining room furniture.


Natural wood is a truly versatile material which can also be applied to decorative items such as knives, forks or food trays to create a sophisticated Nordic effect.


The Lenne wooden tray will enrich the Eco element for your table setting.


In regard to colour combinations, neutral shades such as green, white and beige, or brown-based earthy tones are all great go-to options. However, to add extra life and vibrancy to your table setting, why not consider red or yellow ornaments as an eyeball-drawing centerpiece?


Modern Decorative Style – White on White

More than just a fashion concept, “white on white” is also a festive party decorating theme widely loved and practiced by modern families worldwide.

The naming itself clearly emphasizes the need to make white the underlying colour of this decorative theme. From tablecloths and ceramic pieces to elegant white floral arrangements, everything has to be all-white in order to create the perfect pure, elegant feel. 


The Jafar Candle Holder adds a trace of antiquity at the center of the modern party table


A little spontaneous touch of bronze can provide a modern edge. Coated in deep, luxurious bronze, the Jafar candle holder is a striking contrast to, and at the same time, can lavishly compliment any sophisticated white on white table setting. Imagine your guests entering your party, the candles are lit up to reveal the exuberant ancient Baroque details reminiscent of European royalism. Despite the overall cool colour palette, the right accessories can immediately warm up the room and provide a cosy festive vibe. 


Mara cutlery in rose gold adds in a detail of trendy cuteness to the white on white party table


In addition to colour combinations, choosing the right materials and textures is essential if you want to compliment the overall elegant look. Glass, metal and ceramics with simple, neatly cut details are a perfect match with the “white on white” decorating style.


Cosy Decorative Style

Traditional Tet has long been associated with lush greens, vibrant reds and glittery golds. Those festive colours are highly reminiscent of the iconic Asian culture and spirit that is globally well recognised: lively and energetic but also smart and delicate.


The beauty of the evergreen long stemmed plants will be maximized in this olive green elongated vase


In this day and age, and with the growing thirst for great design within the Vietnamese community, Tet no longer needs to be limited to the red, green, and yellow trifecta that the lunar new year is so commonly known for. 


The design of the Bayley Natural Wood Dining Table is inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and craftsmanship


The Bayley dining table is made of natural wood whose simple build and well-rounded surface is carefully rested on four sturdy wooden legs. The streamlined simplicity of the table’s design is an intended effort to slim down the bold, thick energy of the dark coloured wood, making it more compatible with the “cool and calm” vibe favoured by many modern architects. 

This season, apart from complimentary colour and material combinations, go the extra mile and perfect every detail of your showstopping table settings. This time of year only comes once every calendar, so why not bring your A-game and have fun with it! And you don’t necessarily need to create personalized name plates, or elaborately folded napkins. A simple twig of cherry blossom tied around a napking or cutlery is an easy way to add taste and finesse. Instead of fresh flowers get creative and try rosehip branches and scatter some coloured wooden berries to light up the party mood and impress your guests.


Minimal Decorative Style

Simple does not automatically mean boring, or simplistic. If you or your family are not huge fans of festive “extraness”, a minimal decorative style is perfect for you. But remember that decorating your table in this style requires a high level of attentiveness and dedication to choosing the most suitable materials, designs, and minimal but smart use of decor in order to create the intended effect.

Instead of paying too much attention to the arrangement of chunky elements, minimal interior design focuses on strategic empty space, with the festive vibe relocated to the smallest corners of the dining room. A wooden dish storage cabinet with festive details is an example. The Boxes Storage Cabinet with fine, delicate lines, supported by four metal legs creates a sleek, smart feel for the kitchen. What’s special about this item is, appearance-wise, its drawers look like the li xi envelopes of different sizes; and functionality-wise, they are both way more versatile and fun than a normal cabinet. The perfect console to store your magazines, festive cook books, the velvety red towels exclusively prepared for use during Tet, or something simple like a few small holiday ornaments. An organic rosehip branch and minimal white candles on the smooth sanded, light yellow surface is just perfect to welcome the arrival of New Year’s Day.


The Boxes Storage Cabinet - a traditional corner for the modern kitchen hub


Minimal decoration is not just about removing clutter, it also heavily revolves on the idea of elegant colour blending. Try to restrain from using over-the-top colours like yellow or red, and instead stick to sweet pastels to contrast with other warmer colours. Keep in mind that whatever colours you choose, they must be in sync with the Tet theme and not too cool. The Mili ceramic plate, a delicious jade green enameled plate is a perfect example: understated style, consistent in its geometric structure, reliable in materials, and the perfect blend of festive flair and functionality. 


Mili green enameled ceramic plate


Tropical decorating style

An easy way to make your home design feel unified and complete is to stick to a common theme. A Tropical decorative style promises to breathe new life into any part of your house. An iconic tropical look with its gorgeous golds and luxuriant emerald greens will fill your Tet holiday with a lively, and colourful spirit.


Arusha Forest, inspired by the sweet fig and fresh greens and handmade by Baobad Collection, is a unique scented addition to your tropical-themed Tet holiday. A high end black bow is draped over the body to complete its luxurious look


The Arusha Forest Candle from the Baobad Collection (a famous handmade scented candle brand from Europe), pays tribute to the national Arusha forests located deep within northern Tanzania. Dressed in mysterious emerald green, the scented candle transports your imagination to an image of lush, evergreen forests, while its fragrance notes captures the senses with the aroma of rain-soaked plants, sweet-and-sour green fig and cedar oil.


Irise Placemats stand out as an eye-popper among other dining furnishings for its multilayered flower pattern, paired nicely with rattan strips in gold and black


Colours and aromas alone are not enough. Create the perfect Tropical vibe through the use of simple, natural materials such as bamboo and matgrass. Rattan Woven Irise Placemats combines natural materials with a mesmerizing pattern to create a playful illusion of depth. The rattan strands are intertwined with strips of luxurious gold and mysterious black, giving the impression of a flower silently blooming in the middle of the night in the far away jungles of Tanzania.


Pineapple Art Plant adds green elements to uplift the dining space and enhances the tropical vibe with its playful fruit shape


You can also easily replace traditional Tet ornaments with more tropical-themed pieces such as peacock feathers, ferns, bird nests, pineapples, etc to bring more thematic stylings to the dining table.


This gold leaf printed canvas is an upscale way of introducing a more natural, organic element to the modern dining room during Tet