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Tháng Mười Một 4, 2022

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Tháng Mười Một 3, 2022


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Tháng Tư 6, 2022


Có lẽ đây là lần đầu tiên bạn nghe về nó. Có thể bạn đã quen thuộc với da Aniline nhưng chưa thực sự biết nó là gì. Tuy nhiên, khi bạn nhìn kỹ hơn và cảm nhận nó, bạn có thể thấy sự khác biệt. Biết cách xác định các loại da khác nhau […]
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Tháng Tư 20, 2020

2020 Interior Design Trends

Just like fashion, interior design is ever-evolving with time. As every season and year goes by, we continue to pick up inspirations from remarkable living spaces that meet strict interior design codes. The Casa Nhà editorial team would love to walk you through three major design trends that are gaining traction right now in 2020. Take inspiration from these codes and make it your own. It’s your home, your style.
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Tháng Tư 17, 2020

Best Gift Ideas in Ho Chi Minh City

If you’re thinking about picking the best gift for that special someone, check out our list below of best gift ideas in Ho Chi Minh City. From scented candles, to relaxing armchairs, or how about an intimate dinner at a chic restaurant? We hope this list will help make your gifting experience more meaningful by focusing not only on aesthetics and wow factor but also functionality and meaning.
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Tháng Ba 10, 2020

How to Inject Your Personality into Your Living Space

Imagine walking into your brand new home, you can still smell the freshly painted walls, and the rooms are bare. You’re pretty much given a piece of blank white paper on which you have the full freedom to release the artist in you. But it can be frustrating to have your creativity limited by the same old table shapes, cabinets, tiles, and basic furnishings. So now why not try injecting your personality into your new space and turn it into a masterpiece that speaks your true identity? Below are some simple tips from Casa Nhà on how to bring your personal essence into the living space. From the living room, bedroom, and dining room.
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Tháng Hai 20, 2020

Simple Ways to Freshen Up Your Home for The New Year

• Identify a decorating style for your living room • Tips on choosing the right living room furniture • Spice up your living room with interior accessories Out with the old, and in with the new - Freshening up the home is a great way to welcome the year ahead. However, starting a new working year […]
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Tháng Một 20, 2020

How to Dress the Table for a Traditional Tết Celebration

• Eco decorating style • Modern decorating style • Cosy decorating style • Simple decorating style • Wonderland decorating style A beautifully set table not only enhances any Tet get-together, but also adds to the festive spirit that marks the opening of a new year. This season, Casanhà - a modern European-style interior design brand, invites you to […]
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