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• Identify a decorating style for your living room

• Tips on choosing the right living room furniture

• Spice up your living room with interior accessories

Out with the old, and in with the new - Freshening up the home is a great way to welcome the year ahead. However, starting a new working year is always the most hectic of times, where we have our hands full with work and a densely packed schedule. So the question is, “how can we make the most of our time and energy for the important ritual of cleaning and redecorating our home?” Casanhà – a modern-style interior design brand from Europe shares with you some simple, cost effective, and time efficient tips on choosing beautiful living room furniture to ring in the new year of good fortune and luck.


1. Identify a decorating style for your living room 

It only takes a couple of hours to think and decide on an interior design style that you wish to adopt for your living room. This is the very first and most important step as it dictates the entire range of options you may target, including colours, shapes and sizes. Based on the nature and characteristics of the design style that you yourself have personally picked in accordance with the family’s tastes and preferences, you can be extra creative with the furnishings on the existing background of the living room. For example, a line of square-shaped cushions clad in lightweight, soft fabrics will add a dash of the unexpected to the setting of your modern-day living room. Or you can also play with other decorative accessories with traditional-style patterns, such as brocades and damasks widely appreciated for their untamed, free-spirited, and lively energy. This balanced sense of high-form art will breathe an elegant yet bold sense of style into your home.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Traditional patterns from this CROISIA cushion cover will instantly bring the “Bohemian” spirit into your living room


If you are having a hard time choosing a style to commit to, you are strongly encouraged to take a look at these 5 beautiful living room interior design trends that are expected to boom in 2020: minimalism, neoclassical style, modernism-enabled smart design, Rustic design and Scandinavian design.

First and foremost, modern style that facilitates smart designs remains the leading trend because it brings optimal solutions for small and medium spaces such as up-and-coming apartment buildings in recent years. This style is a must-try for homeowners who love modernism and convenience, and who are on the lookout for beautiful living room furniture to doll up their house this new year. It favours the use of neutral palettes, with white predominantly used among other blocks of vivid colors, minimal structure and intrepid geometric shapes. It also recruits furnishings that have solid functionalities, simple lines and the latest designs to add a chic element to the living room. Consistency is at the forefront, with select pieces working in harmony with one another to create an overall tranquil mood.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Sophisticated and intimate yet far from ostentatious is what a modern style design can offer


In contrast to modernism, neoclassical style boasts a timeless beauty that is widely regarded as noble, extravagant and refined. This is a perfect choice for cityfront villa houses or large-sized building apartments. What makes this design style larger than life is its rejection of rigidly correct measurements, but instead focus on the wholeness of things, space and lighting all in one, and it usually is closely associated with a culture that strongly resonates with the homeowner.

On the other hand, minimalism, just like its name, is understated, restrained and no-frills. It spells subtlety and flexibility through the art of arranging home goods to declutter, because “less is more” – the fewer the details, the better the effect. However, minimalism refuses to be labelled as simplistically boring. It is able to employ different forms of art, with a preference for audiovisuals that pay close attention to shapes, materials and lighting in order to maximize sensory experiences. This is also a decorating style that, according to the editorial team, has a lot of potential to provide the homeowner with the most freedom to be creative with details.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Audiovisual arts and the navy-grey contrasting colour pallette makes a striking first impression


Widely popular during the 60s and recently making waves in Vietnam, Rustic style is a rising design star for its power to transform the modern-style living room into a soulful and charming combination introducing antiques and sometimes low-priced, or even discarded items. The Rustic homeowner is a true artist. The philosophy behind rustic design is relatively simple: embrace an organic aesthetic that will infuse your home with comfort and warmth through the use of natural materials such as raw wood and soft fabrics.

Last but not least, Scandinavian design shares the same northern European origins with Rustic design and is set to grow its popularity in 2020 for its tranquil, modern and intricate qualities. Where Rustic aesthetics makes use of wood materials that are relatively neutral in colour and shape, Scandinavian goes bolder with light-colored oak wood and pine wood to create a cozy, easy, and comfortable feel. This is a design choice we particularly love to recommend for those looking for beautiful living room furniture in the modern-style category.


2. Tips on choosing beautiful living room furniture

When you’re done identifying your decorative style, it’s time to come up with a shopping list for your living room furniture design game. To save time and money spent on picking beautiful living room furniture, we highly recommend dividing furnishings into recyclable and non-recyclable to know what to buy and what not to. After that, it heavily depends on your chosen decorating style to search for the right items.

One of the key characteristics of modern-day beautiful living room furniture is the principal choice of designs that have high functions and simple lines. The Contempo TV Stand gets rid of unnecessary extras and naturally draws attention with its natural oak and black steel frame - an exceptional addition to your house. The stand was designed to be highly functional, with two drawers on each side allowing spacious storage of magazines, books, board games, consoles, and more. The central double shelves is the perfect stage for eye-catching decor or can easily house your digital gadgets and TV accessories.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Simple but refined, the Contempo TV stand is the epitome of modern interior design


With neoclassical design style, you will need a slightly bigger budget as furnishings of this sort are commonly made of materials that flaunt opulence to signify the homeowner’s exquisite taste and class. This design style tends to employ pattern and shape to bring a sense of gentleness. For example: sofas, chairs, chandeliers, and large upholstered beds with soft curves that create a luxurious, fluid, and mesmerizing look.

And if you choose to take on minimalism, make sure to use only furnishings that strongly resonate with your personal traits and well represent your tastes. Each item is not limited to its functional existence, but is also strategically included to the overall look.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Colour contrast and curated paintings add more life to a minimalistic living room


For Rustic and Scandinavian design, furnishings share one key feature: all-wood materials. While Rustic usually sees wooden objects in its original colour, Scandinavian opts for slightly lighter, modern-vibes wooden shades. Think wooden TV stands or tea stands, natural wood dining tables and dish storage cabinets.

Choosing furnishings for a house has never been an easy task, but if you put in the work to carefully divide each space, and determine a design style as instructed by Casanhà, the whole process will be much more efficient for you and your family.


3. Spice up your living room with interior accessories

After choosing and arranging your furniture, the next step is to consider decorative additions. Designers from different fields believe that accessories can be small in size but absolutely powerful in helping take your home interior design to a higher level.

Along with beautiful living room furniture, interior accessories are the simplest, easiest and fastest way to add stylish flair. Think of refreshing familiar details such as sofa cushions, curtains, wall clocks, mirrors, and wall hanging photo frames. Even the smallest and simplest changes can instantly make the familiar exciting again.

Our Cray Tray will add impressive flair to any tea stand, dining table, or coffee table with its interwoven metal lines that resemble a rattan basket – a daily life object that bears a sense of folkloric nostalgia.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Cray Tray – the perfect fruit tray for this new year


To bring more energy and excitement to your modern-style living room our Solar Wall accessory, inspired by the sun’s vitality, will add dynamic detail with its quirky arrangement of shapes, intermingled with mixed materials of iron and glass.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Start the new year full of excitement with this Solar Wall hanging frame


Another simple decorative tip is to green up your house with miniature plants on the table or on your walls. New plants are believed to not only add more colour and levels of texture to the home but also brings good luck and prosperity. However, picking plants solely based on personal feng shui is not enough. Be creative with your own green corner with our square or rectangular-shaped wall hanging frames. The simple, modern-vibe frames will perfectly blend with the natural greenery and amp up the positive, optimistic and youthful energy of your living space.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Be creative with your space by adding plants and enjoy a fresh and energizing change


For fans of the contemporary art movement wall paintings are the perfect expression. If plant driven freshness and vitality is not your jam a simple contemporary painting can make a big statement and quietly welcomes guests as they slowly set foot into your tranquil, soothing living space. 


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
The DOORS PAINTING reminds us to keep a positive outlook on the future, full of unknown prospects, possibilities, and positive growth


Mirrors are a must-have decorative piece for the modern-style living room, especially smaller sized apartments. Try steering clear of traditional mirrors and give more decorative mirrors a go. Our Majdonie Hexa mirror is an artistic and sophisticated demonstration of handmade craftsmanship. The cluster of shapes is inspired by outer space planets in the midnight sky, tiny and undistinguished. The added element of reflection adds light and broadens the sense of space to any room.


Casanha - Simple ways to freshen up your home
Majdonie Hexa – a masterpiece inspired by the stars in the midnight sky

A fresh living space and a decorative refresh to your living room is a great way to brighten your outlook on the year ahead. Visit Casanhà and let the passionate and knowledgeable team help save you both time, effort, and money with the latest in European design and International trends.

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