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A beautifully set table not only enhances any Tet get-together, but also adds to the festive spirit that marks the opening of a new year. This season, Casanhà a modern European-style interior design brand, invites you to relive the happiest moments from the past year through the rearrangement of your dining space and table setting that best fits your family’s tastes and traditional customs. Here are some simple, time and cost-efficient table setting ideas, carefully curated with our collection of dining room furniture and decors such as dining tables and dish cabinets made of natural wood.


Eco Decorative Style

If you’re looking elevate your Tet decorations to the next level, away from the usual realm of bright red colours and gold embellishments, the Eco decorative style with the focus on the use of natural, raw materials and simple, “back-to-nature” theme is highly recommended.

With its natural, minimal materials, decorating your dining room this way will bring a rustic breath of fresh air to any of your family celebrations. The key to dressing an Eco style table is using all types of natural materials and minimal colours. Natural wood is preferred over metals like iron, steel, or plastic and glass. The CADZIO dining table, made of solid oak with simple structure and size versatility (available in two sizes), lends itself to both small and larger spaces. This piece of furniture is among one of Casanhà’s bestsellers for its ability to adapt to varied spaces of contemporary design. Its clean cut design and smooth surface truly brings out the beautiful colour of the natural wood, finding the perfect balance between untamed originality and subtle elegance. 


The Cadzio solid oak dining table will bring a touch of untamed originality to your modern dining room furniture.


Natural wood is a truly versatile material which can also be applied to decorative items such as knives, forks or food trays to create a sophisticated Nordic effect.


The Lenne wooden tray will enrich the Eco element for your table setting.


In regard to colour combinations, neutral shades such as green, white and beige, or brown-based earthy tones are all great go-to options. However, to add extra life and vibrancy to your table setting, why not consider red or yellow ornaments as an eyeball-drawing centerpiece?


Modern Decorative Style – White on White

More than just a fashion concept, “white on white” is also a festive party decorating theme widely loved and practiced by modern families worldwide.

The naming itself clearly emphasizes the need to make white the underlying colour of this decorative theme. From tablecloths and ceramic pieces to elegant white floral arrangements, everything has to be all-white in order to create the perfect pure, elegant feel. 


The Jafar Candle Holder adds a trace of antiquity at the center of the modern party table


A little spontaneous touch of bronze can provide a modern edge. Coated in deep, luxurious bronze, the Jafar candle holder is a striking contrast to, and at the same time, can lavishly compliment any sophisticated white on white table setting. Imagine your guests entering your party, the candles are lit up to reveal the exuberant ancient Baroque details reminiscent of European royalism. Despite the overall cool colour palette, the right accessories can immediately warm up the room and provide a cosy festive vibe. 


Mara cutlery in rose gold adds in a detail of trendy cuteness to the white on white party table


In addition to colour combinations, choosing the right materials and textures is essential if you want to compliment the overall elegant look. Glass, metal and ceramics with simple, neatly cut details are a perfect match with the “white on white” decorating style.


Cosy Decorative Style

Traditional Tet has long been associated with lush greens, vibrant reds and glittery golds. Those festive colours are highly reminiscent of the iconic Asian culture and spirit that is globally well recognised: lively and energetic but also smart and delicate.


The beauty of the evergreen long stemmed plants will be maximized in this olive green elongated vase


In this day and age, and with the growing thirst for great design within the Vietnamese community, Tet no longer needs to be limited to the red, green, and yellow trifecta that the lunar new year is so commonly known for. 


The design of the Bayley Natural Wood Dining Table is inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and craftsmanship


The Bayley dining table is made of natural wood whose simple build and well-rounded surface is carefully rested on four sturdy wooden legs. The streamlined simplicity of the table’s design is an intended effort to slim down the bold, thick energy of the dark coloured wood, making it more compatible with the “cool and calm” vibe favoured by many modern architects. 

This season, apart from complimentary colour and material combinations, go the extra mile and perfect every detail of your showstopping table settings. This time of year only comes once every calendar, so why not bring your A-game and have fun with it! And you don’t necessarily need to create personalized name plates, or elaborately folded napkins. A simple twig of cherry blossom tied around a napking or cutlery is an easy way to add taste and finesse. Instead of fresh flowers get creative and try rosehip branches and scatter some coloured wooden berries to light up the party mood and impress your guests.


Minimal Decorative Style

Simple does not automatically mean boring, or simplistic. If you or your family are not huge fans of festive “extraness”, a minimal decorative style is perfect for you. But remember that decorating your table in this style requires a high level of attentiveness and dedication to choosing the most suitable materials, designs, and minimal but smart use of decor in order to create the intended effect.

Instead of paying too much attention to the arrangement of chunky elements, minimal interior design focuses on strategic empty space, with the festive vibe relocated to the smallest corners of the dining room. A wooden dish storage cabinet with festive details is an example. The Boxes Storage Cabinet with fine, delicate lines, supported by four metal legs creates a sleek, smart feel for the kitchen. What’s special about this item is, appearance-wise, its drawers look like the li xi envelopes of different sizes; and functionality-wise, they are both way more versatile and fun than a normal cabinet. The perfect console to store your magazines, festive cook books, the velvety red towels exclusively prepared for use during Tet, or something simple like a few small holiday ornaments. An organic rosehip branch and minimal white candles on the smooth sanded, light yellow surface is just perfect to welcome the arrival of New Year’s Day.


The Boxes Storage Cabinet - a traditional corner for the modern kitchen hub


Minimal decoration is not just about removing clutter, it also heavily revolves on the idea of elegant colour blending. Try to restrain from using over-the-top colours like yellow or red, and instead stick to sweet pastels to contrast with other warmer colours. Keep in mind that whatever colours you choose, they must be in sync with the Tet theme and not too cool. The Mili ceramic plate, a delicious jade green enameled plate is a perfect example: understated style, consistent in its geometric structure, reliable in materials, and the perfect blend of festive flair and functionality. 


Mili green enameled ceramic plate


Tropical decorating style

An easy way to make your home design feel unified and complete is to stick to a common theme. A Tropical decorative style promises to breathe new life into any part of your house. An iconic tropical look with its gorgeous golds and luxuriant emerald greens will fill your Tet holiday with a lively, and colourful spirit.


Arusha Forest, inspired by the sweet fig and fresh greens and handmade by Baobad Collection, is a unique scented addition to your tropical-themed Tet holiday. A high end black bow is draped over the body to complete its luxurious look


The Arusha Forest Candle from the Baobad Collection (a famous handmade scented candle brand from Europe), pays tribute to the national Arusha forests located deep within northern Tanzania. Dressed in mysterious emerald green, the scented candle transports your imagination to an image of lush, evergreen forests, while its fragrance notes captures the senses with the aroma of rain-soaked plants, sweet-and-sour green fig and cedar oil.


Irise Placemats stand out as an eye-popper among other dining furnishings for its multilayered flower pattern, paired nicely with rattan strips in gold and black


Colours and aromas alone are not enough. Create the perfect Tropical vibe through the use of simple, natural materials such as bamboo and matgrass. Rattan Woven Irise Placemats combines natural materials with a mesmerizing pattern to create a playful illusion of depth. The rattan strands are intertwined with strips of luxurious gold and mysterious black, giving the impression of a flower silently blooming in the middle of the night in the far away jungles of Tanzania.


Pineapple Art Plant adds green elements to uplift the dining space and enhances the tropical vibe with its playful fruit shape


You can also easily replace traditional Tet ornaments with more tropical-themed pieces such as peacock feathers, ferns, bird nests, pineapples, etc to bring more thematic stylings to the dining table.


This gold leaf printed canvas is an upscale way of introducing a more natural, organic element to the modern dining room during Tet


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