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About Us

Our History

We started with a factory showroom in 2012 located in Binh Duong called Gomo Shop, with the idea of creating a retail shop for the local market. Gomo Shop was a whole seller and its mission was to sell to professionals and city shops. As the demand to supply increased we decided to create the brand Casa Nhà. We open the first Casa Nhà district 2 in November 2017, its an indoor furniture retail shop and a trendy concept store. 


What do we do?        

We work with solid wood, local and imports items to bring the Vietnamese market a European and Scandinavian style adapted for apartment and houses of all sizes. We sell all kind of products from medium to high standards such as living, dining, office, storage, lamp, carpet, and indoor decorations. We also work with a variety of brands such as: Baobab collection, opinel, sketch and dragon foosball.


What can we bring to you?

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Consulting
  • Fast responses to requests
  • Warm and trendy atmosphere for our customers


Our Values:

  1. Broadcast of European trend: We sell innovative design.
  2. Teamwork: We encourage our staff to collaborate as they focus on a common team goal in order to maximize effectiveness.
  3. Environmental Ethics: We ensure that are woods are FSC and our products UE.
  4. Integrity: We have consistent standards and strong moral principles.
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