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Imagine walking into your brand new home, you can still smell the freshly painted walls, and the rooms are bare. You’re pretty much given a piece of blank white paper on which you have the full freedom to release the artist in you. But it can be frustrating to have your creativity limited by the same old table shapes, cabinets, tiles, and basic furnishings. So now why not try injecting your personality into your new space and turn it into a masterpiece that speaks your true identity? Below are some simple tips from Casa Nhà on how to bring your personal essence into the living space. From the living room, bedroom, and dining room.

Dining room furniture 

The soul of the entire home lies within the dining room and kitchen space. It is where the entire family gathers to bond over the dinner table after a long day of hard work. This should be the first place to take into consideration when you start the personalization process of furnishing your home your way.

The typical modern day home links the kitchen and dining room into one open, expanded area for a breathable and connected feel. For a complete and refreshing overhaul of your dining/kitchen space, perhaps consider renovating the architectural structure and layout of your kitchen through big ticket items such as wall hanging cabinets, dish storage shelves, dining room walls, cooking appliances, or the dining table.

Natural wood always displays a timeless beauty and brings warmth into any space. The material is easy to source, can be crafted into multiple categories of products, and easily pairs with other materials to help complete a well-balanced combination of textures and colours within your living space. Real wood objects are extremely durable and have a very low rate of depreciation as they usually develop a natural lustre and value over time. Moreover, since each log of wood is unique the selection of the final product is also a cue for the individual taste of the homeowner.

If you love the minimal aesthetic, our Megan dining table is the perfect choice for your dining room. Made completely from natural oak wood and crafted from the minimal spirit inspired by traditional Northern European designs, this table can be easily styled to suit any contemporary space. Its core body is purposefully designed to look like a trapezoid to sustain major pressure from above. The table top and four table legs are tactfully connected by wooden framing to create a sturdy and reliable structure bringing a sense of stability to the dining space. The natural original wood of the table is celebrated through its smooth surface and untouched colour providing an organic touch that adds a sense of clean quality and warmth.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
Megan natural wood table: the perfect piece for your minimal dining room

When it comes to sprucing up the kitchen space with a touch of your personality, consider a storage cabinet to house or proudly display your gorgeous tableware.

The Vega buffet functions both as a bookshelf and a dish storage cabinet. Made from 100% oak wood the unit is a contemporary combination of natural and industrial elements. It can easily adapt within any small-to-medium dining or kitchen space, or be placed in your favourite corner of any room providing both minimalism and functionality. The striking sliding doors are made from white oak and add a dash of elegance.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Vega buffet adds a dash of elegance into your dining room furniture

Remember to never leave your walls unadorned. Walls are the perfect canvas to express your personality. Decorative wall hangings or paintings instantly add flair to the personalised aesthetic of your home.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Nacre wall hanging with its concentric circles takes the shape of lotus leaves and adds a touch of exotic Orientalist aesthetics to the walls of your dining room

Bathroom furniture

The bathroom is our calm haven, a place of relaxation and rejuvenation where we can feel most comfortable to be ourselves. Therefore, it is a must to have your bathroom reflect your personality when designing its interior space.

The easiest way to inject the bathroom with your own personal style is through decorative items like curtains (if there are windows), towels, and multifunctional goods that can all be found at Casa Nhà.

You don’t have to stash away your laundry and linens in generic, characterless plastic buckets, why not try and give storage a simple, soulful spin with these fun and textural seagrass baskets.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Pompom basket with its contrasting colours and tiny pom poms keeps clutter stylishly out of sight while also adding texture and a decorative touch to your space

More than just vibrantly designed and functional colourful catchalls like buffets and baskets, you can up the style factor with scents. At Casa Nhà, it is not hard to pick a fragrance that speaks your personality with an array of handcrafted diffusers and candles from Baobab Collection.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Zanzibar Spices scent is a blend of delectable spices, like cinnamon of curcuma, an immediate voyage from the bathroom to the other side of the world

This famous Belgium brand is valued for their craftsmanship and the highest quality materials that are carefully selected and sourced from across Europe. The range of intoxicating scents invite you to discover various destinations, from the African greenfields kissed by the sun and overlooked by the baobab trees, to the mysterious lands of the Orient, the icy coldness of Russia, and the pyramids of Egypt. Baobab Collection releases two limited edition collections every year to preserve a sense of wonder and surprise. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift for even the strictest homeowner, a gorgeous logo-printed black ribbon is added to every candle before it is wrapped in an elegant black box.

Bedroom furniture

The bedroom is our ultimate safe haven. Our day begins and ends in the bedroom, and we spend a significant portion of our lives in deep slumber. Personalize your bedroom into a relaxing, soothing sanctuary by placing your own creative stamp to match your personality. Every element within the bedroom has the potential to speak your personal style: from the bed, quilts and coverlets, to window curtains, nightstands, rugs and decorative picture frames.

Crafted from natural wood that beautifully shows off a rustic, untamed beauty, our Berkshire Bed can easily adapt to minimalism or other quirky tastes with two versatile colourways: black and natural wood. The headboard is made up from bars twisted to resemble a bow shape, and the entire structure is artfully finished for a touch of the unexpected in your bedroom. The open, evenly spaced bars of the bed head bring a unique and airy feel to the bedroom.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The natural wood colour of the Berkshire Bed stands out as an untouched beauty in the spacious bedroom

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The headboard composed of wooden bars swirling in bow-shaped movement adds an artistic flair to the bedroom

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Berkshire bed in black takes modern bedroom styling to new heights with a generous dash of unexpected glam

Lamps are an indispensable part of any bedroom. Visit Casa Nhà to explore an array of state-of-the-art designs and pick one that loudly speaks your personal style.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
Our Tant Lamp adds a stroke of modernity to your bedroom. A streamlined design with A-shaped legs that wrap around the bulb, the Tant Lamp is an icon of simplicity and style

Completely unique in its style and rich with health benefits, the Himalyan Salt Lamp lights up your bedroom with a sense of art and holistic well being. You will feel happier, healthier and find it easier to fall asleep with this lamp by your bedside.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
Himalayan Salt Lamp – a gift of art and wellbeing for the bedroom

Living room furniture

Whether you're hanging out with family or friends or enjoying a quiet evening alone, living rooms are typically the centrepiece of your home. Easily transform the living room into a mini exhibition through putting on a show of medium-sized objects and displaying lovely “curated-by-me” corners like a comfy and tidy sofa, a gorgeous coffee table, or a visually engaging lamp.

Choosing the perfect set of sofa and armchairs for the living room is a non-negotiable because of its statement style-defining role. If bright colours signify an active, fast-moving lifestyle, a sofa of sandy or beige colour is an indicator of simplicity and humility. If you breathe modernity and have an eye for the art of minimalism, the Album 225 from Casa Nhà is just what you’ve been looking for. The Album 225 comfortably accommodates up to three seatings but does not have a chunky look thanks to its four streamlined metal legs. The deep blue coated fabric makes it stain-proof whilst maintaining a classy feel. Padded with high density resilient sponge, the Album 225 checks both comfort and style off the list. A sofa that is built to last and will proudly sit as the centerpiece of any living room.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Album 225 and its modern look is a perfect fit for your living room furniture

To accompany your perfect sofa don’t forget the perfect coffee table. If you value functionality and convenience, you will be instantly impressed by the Leda coffee table. Thanks to its hidden drawers you can stash away books, board games, and cheeky snacks, or any other small and miscellaneous items. The Leda coffee table is a real gem for being 100% handcrafted, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
Leda multifunctional tea table – a trace of chic for the living room

Sofa? Check. Coffee table? Check. Just one more little tip, consider a treasured photo of your family and friends, the loved inhabitants of the house. The Adam photo frame with a storage capacity of 8 photos will be a catalyst for conversation and storytelling amongst you and your guests.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Adam photo frame tactically displays great living moments in your living room

Try to leave as little empty spaces on the walls as possible by inserting more personal taste with some vivid paintings.

Casanha - How to inject your personality to your living space
The Newy wall painting – a view of New York’s Empire State Building

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