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Here is a brief comprehensive guide to buy the best home furniture products from casanha.com

On Desktop/ Laptop

Log into Casanhà’s Home Page, you can find our Main Menu Bar at the very top of the page, under our brand logo, which shows Main Product Categories. 

To explore more specific products, you can left-click on the down arrow next to the Main Category on our Main Menu Bar (red circle in the picture above), a drop down list of Product Subcategory will appear. 

Here, you can narrow down which specific product subcategory you want to view.

When you see a product that you are interested in, you can left-click on the product to view it in detail.

For example: if you find our Carbono 220 - Lounge chair, which is exclusively from Carbono Design in Brazil, interesting, you can left-click on the product and the detailed product page will appear.

After being transferred to the detailed product page, you can left-click “See more” for detailed product description. You can customise your product by choosing all the available options. After that, select product quantity as wished. Then left-click on “Add to Cart”. 

A notification display above the product will appear to let you know that the selected product is added to your cart.

To proceed to payment, visit your Cart by left-click in the cart icon on the top right of the page.

Your Shopping Cart will appear. You can choose between pick-up at store or delivery of choice then left-click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”.

Under the CHECKOUT section, there will be an information slip for billing and delivering details. Please fill in the requested fields (with red Asterisk *).

Then under the CHECKOUT Section, there is the PAYMENT Section. 

In the PAYMENT Section, please fill in payment information. Then left-click “PAY NOW”.

Your Online Payment Info is completely secured with Casanhà. View Privacy Policy.

After the payment is confirmed, our staff will contact you for delivery date and time!

If you have any questions about your order, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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