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Our signature interior collections are carefully curated based on inspirations, trends, design, texture, and colors to create a coherent visual and atmosphere in a single living area.

Via a rather meticulous process of changing over time to create a unique and eclectic offer for the local market without being biased or influenced, Casanhà's signature collections are established and being ever evolving. 

We are modern, We are eclectic, We are fun, We are avant-garde


A blend between Bohemian style with an Oriental touch. From those Riad houses from Northern Africa to those Berber tents used by the nomadic tribes of north Africa and Morocco, to the white sand beaches of Radhanagar in Havelock Island; all inspired from the oriental way of living, emphasizes natural material and handcrafted items.


Serendipity of a late afternoon nearby the sea. From the beguiling towns of Costa Brava to the gorgeous cliffside villages of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, to the golden beaches of Santorini, escaping the city and transporting you to sun-drenched coastlines, blooming gardens, and aromatic citrus groves.


Rustic chic twisted with coastal vibes. Inspired by the countryside in the South of France, the collection holds much of the place' sophistication and grandeur, from the oldstone Château, to the mesmerizing lavender fields of Digne-les-Bains, to the charming wineries and vineyards of Cote d'Azur.


A match made in heaven between the abundant sunshine warmth of the Tropical climate with the rawness of Industrial style. Originating from the combination of New York's loft with the primary forest, of the coldness of the metal to the warmth of the sunrays dancing through the windows, reflects the bright chlorophyll of life - Apricity.


Modern contemporary emphasizes minimalistic details that are sleek, thoughtful, hidden, created a clean aesthetic. We do this style a bit differently here in Casanhà. As trends are ever-changing, this modern inspiration only serves as a base to mix with other collections. We can be more conventional, but we can't be boring!


Ethnik style is characterized by craftsmanship. Implicit in its art and artefacts are their uniqueness and hand-crafted qualities: it comes with a strong cultural identity linking it to the places they are from. From the safari region of Africa, to an exploding culinary adventure in Asia, to the mystical ruins of South America.  
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