Product Description

Bamboo Plants are believed to attract love, luck, wealth, and serenity. Having it in your home brings in good energy and a sense of zen. It can be placed in any area of the home not just for the energy it attracts but also to add decorative height and texture. 

Product Information

Colour: Green & black
Material: Polyester, bamboo & iron
Plant type: Bamboo tree

Product Dimension

S: H100 cm Base D13.5 cm
M: H131 cm Base D14 cm
L: H130 cm Base D18.5 cm

Delivery at home:

The product will be delivered to you by appointment, even upstairs! Warning ! Please check that the openings (doors, stairs, lifts) will allow the passage of the package upon delivery.

Delivery Packaging 

S: W60 x D60 x H90cm
M: D30 x H131 cm, 2.58 kg
L: D80 x H130 cm, 9.9 kg