Fall Winter 2022 New Arrivals


Beach Fridays - Mua càng nhiều, Tiết kiệm càng nhiều

Biggest Summer Sale in the year, promotions stacking on promotions, buy more to save more!

- Applied from 10AM on 29 June 2022 to 7:00PM on 31 July 2022
- Applied: in-store and official website casanha.com

Rules (Applied in order)
Offers are applied directly on selected product items (Product items will have different promotional values on different timelines).
-(2)- For products that do not have a direct or announced offer, during the promotion period, there will still be a 15% discount from the original price (Note: only APPLIED on HOME ACCESSORIES).
-(3)- Cash Back Cashback - With total bill during the promotion period from 30.000.000 VND and above, customer will have the CASH BACK of 4.000.000 VND applied directly on the bill. With the total bill from 60.000.000 VND and above, customer will have the CASH BACK of 10.000.000 VND applied directly on the bill (Note: Total Bill amount after including -(1)- -(2)-. (*)
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